Surya Deva Images

Surya Deva Images : Surya Deva is the Hindu god of sun, who is worshipped for his blessings and energy. He is depicted as a radiant deity riding a chariot of seven horses. He is also associated with various aspects of life, such as health, wealth, wisdom, and justice.

Surya Deva images are a great way to express your devotion and gratitude to the sun god, and to seek his grace and guidance. You can use these images to decorate your home, office, or gadgets, or to share them with your friends and family. You can also use these images to meditate and pray to Surya Deva, and to receive his blessings.

Here are some Surya Deva images.

What are the powers of Surya Dev?

dispelling darkness, curing disease, and heating and illuminating the world

What are the benefits of Worshipping Surya Dev?

help conquer enemies, overcome troubles, derive peace and happiness and ensure longevity of life

Who is the enemy of Surya Dev?